We have 2 primary sales objectives for the next few years.

#1 List more than 800 new designs on ETSY and promote our listings to ensure around 300 T-Shirt sales per day. This volume will generate more than $65,000.00 profit to be shared by our company and our royalty note owners each month.

#2 Complete our one of a kind fundraiser paper catalog and digital flipbook to give schools, groups, clubs, churches, and organizations a unique opportunity to make large amounts of cash for their causes. We plan to partner with hundreds of these schools and groups, etc. each year. Many thousands of kids will take to the streets and social media to generate millions in profit dollars from selling our tees to their families, friends, and neighbors over the next 10+ years. We all win. The kids win prizes. The schools and groups earn money for their causes. The Grey Shirt Guys company and it's royalty note owners split healthy profits quarterly.

Both of our sales objectives can happen if we can find 20-30 people to join the dozen or so individuals that have already become Grey Shirt Guys and Girls by purchasing one of our royalty notes. We have the only T-Shirts in North America that come with a lifetime printing guarantee. We can print thousands of designs from our portfolio, on demand, in less than a minute. No peel, no crack, no fade!

We need additional partners to help us complete our start up and send us into scale mode. Your money helps us launch professionally and we are willing to reward aggressively for an investment.  

Grey Shirt Guys, LLC, currently has royalty note partnership opportunities available. The cost to own one (1) note is $5,000.00 and note owners are guaranteed to be paid $7,500.00 from future profits according to the following schedule:


In addition to the principal + 50% guarantee on your money in less than 3 years offer...we have some contracts ready to sell right now that will include an additional 7+ years (29 quarters) of royalty payments based on actual sales at school fundraisers in territory 1 (Illinois and Missouri). This additional royalty offer pays the note owner 3 cents ($0.03) for each T-Shirt we sell in territory 1 until 9/30/2032.

Due to longer than normal delivery times for our special manufactured super soft blank grey tees (because of Covid) it is extremely important that we always have enough stock on hand to cover one year + of anticipated sales. The money we need to replenish our working capital so we can immediately order is priority in October 2021. Note owners that step up now to partner....will be rewarded with 7 years of additonal royalties from our territory 1 school fundraisers!

If you would like to partner with us and grow your money by 50% in less than 3 years call Bob Schubert on his cell (618) 567-1730 or email any questions you may have to

We are updating a digital flipbook that we originally finished preparing in July 2021. The digital flipbook was an introduction to our royalty note offer before we put in a "guaranteed return" for the first 11 quarters. We have a new flipbook coming real soon but here is a link to the original:

Copy and paste the link to view.

Lastly, create a user and password by click the "INVESTORS ONLY" link at the top of our website to receive more information about this opportunity, to view the legal docusign contract, and to see the most recent updates to our progress on this and other Grey Shirt Guys and Girls projects.

Thanks for reading and considering a partnership with us.

Grey Shirt Guys & Girls